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Neck Pain Testimonials

*Testimonials presented apply only to the individuals depicted, cannot be guaranteed, and should not be considered typical.

Tai's Tstimonial for Neck Pain

I thought I had been to a good chiropractor but Dr. Hagan and his staff aGREAT so professional and helpful with working around your schedule. They are really on top of things here I actually feel like the doctors care about my treatment here. I would recommend this place to anybody with back or neck problems.

Hayward Chiropractor
Peity D.Richmond, CA

Great place! Affordable and the doctors and staff are amazing. I've had neck problems for years (from things like snowboarding, car accidents, sports injuries) and neglected to go to a chiropractor because of a bad experience I had at another office, but Hagan chiropractic completely changed my views and showed me how important and beneficial it is to have chiropractic care. I blame doctors at box hospitals for more people not experiencing the benefits of chiropractic care - the box hospitals prefer to just say you have "strained muscles" and have you pop pills forever. After the first visit I felt improvements instantly - and sorta became addicted :) I now make it a point to visit monthly as I never want to go back to experiencing the pain I "learned to live with" for years. Thanks!

Chiropractor Hayward CA
Adj. J.San Francisco, CA

I see Dr. Gong here at this office and she is amazing. No matter what I tell her is hurting that day, she seems to be able to fix it! She helped me with a foot issue and a pain in my wrist in addition to my usual neck and back adjustments!

Chiropractor Hayward CA
Anonymous South San Francisco, CA

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